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Trebolroses is Love

because is a well-known fact that roses are the ones who speaks the best about love in a silently way and in language known only by the heart.

About US

The Harvest Process

  our farm   our farm   

  our farm   our farm   

GREENHOUSES: The greenhouses were built using the best materials to guarantee the optimal growth of the roses, creating the perfect environment for their development. In that way, the roses are kept in a perfect environment rich in luminosity, good soil, and pure Andean spring water.

POST-HARVEST ROOM: The post-harvest room is divided in two areas: the classification areas and the cold rooms.

Individual classification and handling of flowers as well as fixing up bunches is made in a way to maintain their quality and freshness while accomplishing a consistent and uniform product for each client.

Both, the flower and foliage of roses are carefully treated. The classification process is accomplished considering: the quality, the length and width of the stem; the size, opening, color and healthiness of each flower as well as the perfect condition and healthiness of the foliage and its general appearance.


 our farm

We specialize in the production of high quality roses. All of them have long stems, big head, and bright colors.

Our farm is dedicated to preserver the environment and also strives to take special care of its employees.

We have obtained Flor del Ecuador and BASC certifications.


 our farm

In order to offer a personalized and effective service, and to be able to supervise shipments for all the clients, we have the greatest technical, administrative and sales work team. 

All the personnel have been adequately trained, and are dynamic and committed, always willing to meet your need.

The Packaging Process


our farm


our farm

SHIPPING: In order to protect the roses, bunches are wrapped in micro-corrugated carton, while the foliage is covered with a cap to prevent dehydration and mechanical damage during transportation.  Each bunch is identified with a label indicating variety, size of the stem, process date, and number of stems per bunch, as well as, the name of the person that made them.

TRANSPORTATION:  We insure that each box is carefully transported in refrigerated dock, maintaining the cool chain.

SHIPPING AGENCIES:   We work with several  shipping agencies, depending on the destination of the cargo.  

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In case you want to visit our Farm and Main office; please, let us know the date and time to set up an appointment. We will be glad to meet you personally and show you our beautiful roses.

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